Ökoprofit – ecological, sustainable + economically

We understand lastingness as an obligation to current and future generations. Due to that reason we are a certified Ökoprofit company. Ökoprofit is an ecological project for integrated environmental technology with the sighting: Improved environment protection and cost reduction.

Certified departments are: Organization / Communication, Data / Controlling, Energy, Rubbish, Water, Dangerous materials, Right, Purchase, Industrial Safety.

Solvent used by energy unit – pollutant becomes benefit material

Instead of solvent disposal by post-combustion Robert exact colours used the solvent loaded exhaust air for the power production in an energy unit. The special in this solution is that in the contrast to the post-combustion process where the pollutant “solvent” will be destroyed only under considerable energy the solvent air will be used as an benefit product and not as an pollutant. The solvent loaded air will be used as an fuel substitute and reduce in the same way the fuel consumption. Additionally to this positive effect, the advantages of the warm coupling of the energy unit comes up.
The Emission pollution will decisively reduced. The energy production at the different location don’t come up and no additional emissions will be created. By the intended warm coupling the company requires more than 1/3 less primary energy compared with a separate energy supply. According to this the pollutant output compared with the conventional external energy supply is also lower. In addition, the used solution reduces the energy input and the pollution output by destruction of the solvent in the exhaust air. It is a clear contribution to reduce the CO2 and NOx that is made.